Ape Tau

Project: APE TAU
Location : Aquila
Designer: Atelier 2 Studio - Imperadori Ing. Marco, Gallotti Arch. Valentina
Year: 2009/2010

The APE TAU creche was designed from the idea of creating, in a short time, something innovative and safe to accommodate children after the earthquake of 06 April 2009.
APE TAU has a structure composed of three covered entities and a technological shelter that leads to the main pedestrian entrance.  Bertolani Costruzioni has assembled a totally dry structure with load-bearing curtains and secondary elements in wood or galvanised steel. The inner shell and the fronts are totally dry stratified and hyper-insulated for maximum summer and winter comfort.  It is therefore a system characterized by construction speed combined with high seismic, acoustic, thermal and firefighting performance.o.

Tag:  construction of dry worksconstruction systems for anti-seismic kindergartensdry system

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