Bertolani Costruzioni and the project for the Luigi Rovati Foundation


Alessandro Bertolani, Founder and CEO of Bertolani Costruzioni, introduces the project commissioned by the Luigi Rovati Foundation and designed by MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects.

"MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects designed an extremely suggestive and refined location, consisting of rooms with domed ceilings of various sizes allowing the public to appreciate the findings of the Etruscan history, wonderfully displayed in window cases standing out in an environment in shades of Serena stone.
Bertolani Costruzioni took care of solving the acoustic problems of these dome ceilings. The structure of the domes was designed, tested, and built to achieve acoustics not generating excessive resonance generated by the various sound sources in the rooms and by the presence of visitors, as to guarantee a pleasant experience not only for the pieces displayed but also for the comfort of the location.

In addition to the acoustics, the domes in sound-absorbing material intend to lead to an aesthetic continuity in line with the Forte Fiorentina stone used on the side walls. The coating with a combination of plasters created a perfect harmony between the acoustics and the visual effect supplemented with the other materials used.

The acoustic tests were carried out on a 1:1 scale model in Munich and the material was chosen and tested to comply with the characteristics of fire resistance and structural resistance to load as well.

The production phase began with the 3D software modelling of over 1200 elliptical sections of sound-absorbing material, all different from each other, which were then cut to size with waterjet in our production site.

The final assembly and installation using suspension coupling systems fitted with fine adjustment systems, led to a unique result while fitting  the system and multimedia technology concealed as well.

"I am sure that the experience that visitors will profit from in this incredible museum wanted by the Luigi Rovati Foundation will be unforgettable." - Internet Partner
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