Chiesa Beata Vergine Maria

Verona Parrocchia di Borgo Nuovo – Studio Archingegno Verona Arch. Carlo Ferrari

In the project for the new Blessed Virgin Mary Church, the designer wanted to propose to the community an evocative place for the assembly called, a space where people can rediscover beauty and spirituality. In the project, the recognisability of the building was privileged through archetypal elements: entrance portal, rose window and bell tower. In the definition of the liturgical hall, the basilical typology with three naves is taken up, reinterpreting it dynamically with two side walkers identified by large vertical wooden panels suspended from the ground. The large suspended panels have been made by our specialists with a very refined technique, using steel shelves as a support element for prefabricated macro modules in slender and lightweight carpentry, covered with performance gypsum sheets perforated on the back. The perforation of the slabs allows to attenuate the reverb thanks to the honeycomb structure, in addition to maximizing the ionization of the indoor air thanks to the natural principle of zeolite contained in the gypsum mixture

Project: Chiesa Beata Vergine Maria
Designer: Archingegno Studio Verona
Location: Verona
YEar: 2018

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