09/07/2022 - Bertolani Costruzioni and the project for the Luigi Rovati Foundation

Bertolani Costruzioni dealt with the acoustic criticalities of these dome ceilings. The structure of the domes has been designed, tested and built to obtain acoustics that did not generate excessive reverberations caused by the various sound sources located in the rooms and by the presence of visitors.

06/27/2022 - Bertolani and the Marquis

Agreement signed for the construction of Fellert acoustic ceilings in the brand new Il Marchese Milano restaurant in Brera. The Marquis Milan will recall the famous twin restaurant in Rome, already a reference point for the catering sector of the Italian capital.

06/24/2022 - Bertolani for Lucid Store Riyadh (KSA)

Our specialists will fly to Riyadh next July to fit the finest decorative coverings in the new and exclusive Lucid store.

06/22/2022 - Bertolani Srl for the acoustic requalification of Apple Store Amsterdam Hirsh

In the coming months of July and August our specialists will install new fully openable and mechanized acoustic ceilings in the beautiful Apple Store Hirsh in Amsterdam.
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