(f)Acts on Climate Change


Pietro Bagnoli - Director of architecture & Interior design One Works
This initiative stems from conversations with friends that we had some time ago, with Francesca Benedetto and Daniele Moretti in particular. With Francesca we were doing a project some time ago together and she told us about her study courses at Harvard where together with some students she is addressing the theme of climate change and she also told us about an idea of an installation she had in mind to do. Daniele Moretti is a friend and journalist who works at Sky and often hears about his travels around the world where he goes to document and tell what happens. Together with him and Francesca it was decided to set up this series of initiatives, which will last a year, on the theme of climate change.
Francesca Benedetto - Design critic at Harvard Graduate School of Design
The idea for this set-up comes from a course I've been taking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design for the past three years. The theme of the course was to imagine the future of Greater Boston considering the themes of climate change and climate migrants. The theme of the waves was born precisely to expose the work of these students, the will is to create an experience within a scenery that represents the sea, a direct experience of the rise of the sea, to make everyone more involved, a theme that is considered but not really perceived as a fact that is objectively happening and that is not part of a distant future for us but that is our present.
Daniele Moretti - Chief editor Sky tg24
Selecting the documentaries that deal with climate change issues may seem difficult but in reality the problem is not that there are many, there are many. That is why the documentaries that were selected have a varied range, they talk about ocean acidification and they talk about coral reefs that are already white, they talk about the Arctic and the Arctic is already melting at the rate of, only in Greenland, three thousand colosseums of ice every day, it is not something that will happen, it is already happening. The selected documentaries are these, they are simply a cue, they must say things and they must give the desire and curiosity to go in depth, they must give the tools to actually change something
Pietro Bagnoli - Director of architecture & Interior design One Works
Among the research we did we looked at the program of this exhibition that will be inaugurated shortly organized by the Cooper Hewitt museum and the Cube design museum on the theme of climate change. Among the participants we found Violaine Buet and her algae, we thought it could be the perfect material for our installation, we contacted her and she with great willingness and enthusiasm decided to participate in our project
Violaine Buet - Seaweed designer & Department of seaweed member
This installation was a great challenge because when they proposed me to work on it with them it was a quite electric time for me as proposing some new pieces from an exposition in New York and in fact it was a right season to do it because seaweed have seasons and it was really the right moments to collect it, to harvest them. And I really also found it interesting to work together without knowing each other and it’s always touching to see to be reassembled finally for misagent through material without knowing each other at the beginning.
Leonardo Cavalli - Founder & Managing partners One Works
This year with Daniele Moretti, Violaine Buet and Francesca Benedetto we organized our event as part of the design week around the theme of climate change and in particular focused on the theme of waves, waves is the name of the exhibition and the rise of the oceans. However, this event is not an isolated event, in the coming months on an approximately monthly basis, we will invite a series of people who come from the scientific world, the financial world, the academic world, architecture and institutions to tell a little bit about what is happening, what has already happened and also what we can do with respect to such an important issue as climate change.
Alessandro Bertolani - Founder & CEO Bertolani Costruzioni
The reason that led us to share and support One Works in this activity is obviously linked to our sensitivity both human and professional, this aspect obviously relates to what we in the company are able to do. The construction systems that we develop and that obviously, in most cases, are construction systems that adhere to the main protocols of environmental sustainability make our proposals can combine both the aspect related to technical content and profit in our characteristic activity. From thispoint of view, the support for this project with obviously important content to be communicated sees us participating because with One Works a synergy has been created that we consider important to develop.
Pietro Bagnoli - Director of architecture & Interior design One Works
The cycle of events has been called (f)Acts on Climate Change, with the f in parentheses, because the common thread of all future appointments wants to be the story of things that have already happened, of changes that have already occurred in our world and of project solutions or project proposals that react to these changes already in place.
(f)Acts on Climate Change
Everything is ready at Fuorisalone 2019 to open the Design Week with a series of events to raise awareness of the effects of climate change.
Our Partner One Works, a global architecture and engineering company, launches a series of initiatives entitled "(f)Acts on Climate Change", which with the installation Waves, designed by the Design Critic of the Harvard Graduate School Francesca Benedetto, will put the visual arts at the service of the environment. 
In short, a commitment to a new design of the world that our company also embraces, through waves, the urgency of a new project for the world. 
A series of meetings, discussions, projections, installations and debates led by personalities from different fields who, thanks to the care of Daniele Moretti – journalist expert on environmental issues - throughout the year will stimulate thought on the changes generated by climate change by recalling the responsibility of intervention of each in their daily lives, in their work, in their habits.

Design Week 2019, "Waves" l'installazion on a changing world

The event was followed and sponsored by SkyTg24. Vedi l'articolo di SkyTg24

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