Hotel Schgaguler

Peter Pichler - Founder & CEO Peter Pichler Architecture
The Hotel Schgaguler for us was designed with the idea of an inclusion in the context of the village of Castelrotto. For us it is very important as a concept to open the house, transparency for us was essential to open our building both towards the village and towards the mountain, obviously where we have the Sciliar so this contact, this relationship between nature and the people who are in this hotel is very very important for us.
We used local wood, a local chestnut tree, we worked with local stones and also the façade, the colour of the façade, this white or light grey at the end refers to the stone of the Dolomites.
Obviously the timing was very tight, we had four months of construction and therefore in my opinion the most important thing was the team work, so to collaborate not only us as an architectural studio with the customer but above all with the companies that were involved in the project. So in my opinion the communication worked and it went on, but we had periods where we had, there were like a hundred people on site so obviously you have to coordinate and everyone must know exactly when to do what else does not work, or cannot work.
Simona Alù – Project Manager Peter Pichler Architecture
The time issue was from the beginning a fundamental theme on which we focused from the early stages of the design because a request of our client was to build in just four months, so there was a great job between us and among all the companies that participated in the project. The fact that it was a restructuring was also a further difficulty, but thanks to the skills and experience of the companies that collaborated in the project it was still overcome and therefore we were able to prefabricate despite the short time.
Alessandro Bertolani – Founder & CEO Bertolani Costruzioni
The project in which we were involved for the construction of the matt outer casing of the Hotel Schgaguler immediately proved to be an exciting challenge because in addition to the shapes and technical properties of the materials that we decided to use, the challenge of time was accepted. Specifically, what were our skills, which are part of our characteristic activity, was the realization for the tight times that required the design of prefabricated 3D façade elements. The challenge was precisely a long design phase that could allow all off-site processing of these facade elements that were made, transported and assembled during the work.
The fronts of the loggias are a distinctive element of this building because they overlook the south side, on the Sciliar plateau and therefore the need to give depth has imposed a design rigor such as to allow these elements to move independently so that the deformations and stresses of both artifacts did not affect functionality and future durability. The 3D software systems that we used to do the preliminary simulations have helped us a lot because it gives us the opportunity to realize in advance everything that may not work and in a contract, in a construction, unfortunately there are many things that may not work and affect not only the technical result but also the cost centers, which obviously increase, not to mention the final result that is then delivered to the customer.
Project: Refurbishment Hotel Schgaguler
Designer: Peter Pichler Architecture
Location: Castelrotto (BZ)
Year: 2018

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