It "panels" advanced lightweight prefabricated systems

light prefab advanced systems

Customised tailored dress.... industrialized! The concept of prefabricated lightweight element per enclosure represents the cutting edge of construction technology. This system allows to engineer and realize in the workshop the external facings of any category of new or existing building, preserving the design desire thanks to the possibility of customizing both the performance (thermal, acoustic, mechanical) and the finishes (with or without joints, with decorative effect plaster, with bionic paints, with precious stone coatings). The advantages represented by the prefabrication of the modules per casing can be summarized as listed below: 
* the prefabrication allows to limit the construction site downtime due to bad weather, 
* since these are manufactured in the workshop, with controlled temperatures and humidity, the correct seasoning of the products and cycles is guaranteed, 
* the in-depth engineering phase, allows to obtain costs and performances with minimum deviations, * the completion times of the construction sites are significantly reduced, 
* the time spent on the construction site of the external scaffolding and the materials lying are significantly reduced

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