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Leonardo Cavalli – Founder & Managing Partner One Works
One Works One works is a studio founded in 2007 obviously as you can see with a history a little older than some of us, which was set up around the idea of making architectural projects integrated with engineering.
we are a company that is structured with many offices on the Italian and international territory, where we have offices in London, Dubai and Singapore; this for us is a hub, the heart and the place where we must express our values that are actually the values of all the people who work with us. For us, the project is a collective work and space must represent it.
Pietro Bagnoli – Director of Architecture & Interior design One Works
The office in which we are located, which is our new headquarters in Milan, was originally a garage, then it was transformed into a showroom for fashion houses used for fashion shows and not really open to the public because they sold to retailers and when we entered we revisited it, cleaning it a lot compared to what had been added over the years.
The project had some particularly critical issues on which we have focused for a longer time that were those related to natural lighting and acoustics, which are the two main elements having to manage an environment so suggestive but also so potentially critical and complicated from that point of view.
As for the light, there is this central skylight that you see that has been shielded with a system of motorized blinds connected to sensors that control the blackout and artificial lighting made with LEDs.

Acoustics, on the other hand, was a really complicated topic and we focused on it a lot because the time that was so suggestive and beautiful from a very serious problem at the acoustic level so very accurate analyses were carried out, we used a textile floor and micro-perforated plasterboard that you can see in some areas but above all I did a very delicate and effective work on the vaults that were covered with a material between 4 and 5 cm thick specific, with very high acoustic properties that have allowed to optimize the comfort that is perceived by anyone who enters this space.

Alessandro Bertolani – Founder & CEO Bertolani Costruzioni
The need that One Works expressed when we were asked for the realization of the acoustic requalification of their headquarters was to create an acoustically comfortable space to allow all the designers of the studio to work in a unique environment sharing talent, experience and shared activities.
This was possible by installing an acoustic system without joints to the covering of the existing vaults, of this building that was a former industrial building in the central area of Milan.

It turned out to be a correct strategy, that of going to propose to the studio a Fellert system, which is a system made with absorbent panels therefore with great performance in terms of reduction of reverb in order to obtain an environment that was what the studio had in mind.
The first phase was that of an inspection that was carried out with the designers in charge and the project manager of One Works to learn about the spaces, after which a work program was planned with them that first provided for the installation of a continuous scaffolding, following this score, the application began that allows to install a high density glass wool panel bonded directly to a surface and subsequently treated with acoustic macro porous plaster based on cotton and perlite.

The final part is represented by a finishing layer that must be applied with specially developed machines, which are peristaltic pumps to allow the material to work with that open structure that allows acoustic correction of the environments.

One Workss, new Milan headquarters

Bertolani Costruzioni was personally involved in the construction of the One Works headquarters. For the Milan headquarters of One Works, tailor-made solutions have been developed to ensure the maximum sound output of the environment, through an accurate study carried out with the designers of One Works, an acoustic solution has been developed to ensure correct noise management in the large open space present in the One Works headquarters where over 80 people from all over the world collaborate every day. 
Designer: Bagnoli Arch. Pietro
Location: Via Amatore Sciesa – Milan 
Year: 2017

Bertolani Costruzioni

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