Porta Nuova Garibaldi Building E1/E2

Gino Garbellini – Founder Piuarch
The project and Portanuova Building is the result of a competition organized by the American property that wanted a tower that was in harmony with the other towers that close the court, our idea was instead to make a low building, which had more the will to relate to the context that is to become the hinge between the historic city that is behind "Corso Como" and the contemporary city made by these buildings a bit like spaceships.
The building has a double soul, one that looks precisely at the city from behind and therefore has a very rigorous design, a contemporary way of interpreting the rigor of the historical facades of the nineteenth-century city and instead a facade very open towards the square to the north, therefore without requests for protection from the sun but above all for great transparency, and perhaps the most important element that holds together all that this white ribbon that draws the building on all the facades.
Alessandro Bertolani – Founder & CEO Bertolani Costruzioni
The aim was to obtain large light surfaces with ventilated facades without joints, to obtain this result the entire preliminary design phase required an intense work that lasted about eight months where together with the Piuarch studio that took care of all the aesthetic and architectural part we had to interface with an engineering studio based in Basel and with the headquarters of the manufacturer of these systems that was STO that is based in Germany. All this initial phase allowed to obtain these surfaces that were the design desire that gave the outer shell of the very iconic building made inside the Porta Nuova Garibaldi real estate complex.
This building required a very refined technique to allow to obtain these surfaces large lights without expansion joints, especially we talk about the East West facades that represent a very important engineering challenge. It was possible to achieve this result through the engineering of a substructure made with prefabricated elements of light carpentry resting on the first beam at the height of the overhang that this building on the facades has with respect to the central body that the retail body. These prefabricated modules were placed on a shelf governed by the deformations of the first beam and subsequently allowed the oscillations thanks to the slides that were made in correspondence with all the other beams on the upper floors, thanks to this intervention coordinated with an international design studio we were able to obtain the result that was in the design desire.
Gino Garbellini – Founder Piuarch
Behind this complexity of the system that then produces a simple result the interesting thing this contrast between a very complex path and an extremely simple result, in that very clear image, there is a work of great engineering in which Bertolani has made an extraordinary contribution because he has put together our demands in this let's say extremely complex construction machine and the complexity is then made of work, I work with their technicians working with us and the thing that perhaps surprised me the most is the quality of the companies that have created the work because it can be well thought out but if poorly implemented the final result is seen. Perhaps the thing that I liked the most is this continuous and very technical collaboration between the architect and the company and above all the extraordinary capacity of people who have put in place a façade that is there to be seen, which despite the years has maintained that characteristic desired by the architect.
Location: Milan
Designer: Piùarch - Garbellini Ing. Gino
Year: 2012

In the Porta Nuova Garibaldi building complex in Milan, promoted by Hines Italia SGR in 2012, we design the external cladding of the E1/E2 building, using prefabricated technology, to  achieve the design desire of large light facades, without expansion joints. The project, created by Piùarch, was awarded the Architect of the Year 2013 award. The works we carry out include all external opaque coatings made with the STO Ventec R continuous ventilated façade system, and surface finish with STO LOTUSAN EFFETC self-cleaning paint. The application of this system allowed to build a front of over 600 square meters without the insertion of structural joints

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