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Bertolani Costruzioni supports the rugby values

Rugby is the team sport that best summarizes the values we believe in. In rugby there is a role for everyone, high and low athletes, slow and fast athletes, heavy and light athletes, but above all loyal athletes, where individual talent is always at the service of the team. Rugby is a sport of advancement, of territorial conquest to be pursued with rigour and refined technique. Rugby players are tough and tough, but not violent. Rugby players respect their teammates, their opponents and above all the rules. In rugby, the best team always wins.
Sport DNA, Zebre Parma

Bertolani Costruzioni and Zebre Parma

Zebre Rugby Club participated in the Guinness PRO14 and the EPCR Challenge Cup.
The 2017/18 season is, together with the 2015/16 season, the most victorious in the history of the club, with 8 overall victories between the Celtic championship and the Challenge Cup, including 7 in Guinness PRO14.
In June 2021 the Guinness PRO14 announced the new formula and the new name for the next seasons. Starting from the 2021/22 season, the Celtic championship has given way to the newborn United Rugby Championship, the prestigious international tournament that embraces the best 16 teams from Italy, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and South Africa.

Rugby is one of the most exciting and effective tools for working with corporate human potential: colleagues from the same company, with different roles, ages and sexes, get involved in a path based on the basic principles of Rugby and fun .
Rugby is used as a metaphor model of "team work" because it is a sport where the spirit of sacrifice and collaboration are essential to achieve goals.
Its principles (motivation, advancement, support, teamwork, leadership, tenacity, striving for results, harmony) are fundamental for every team and the organizational model on which it is based can be effectively applied to the world of work, reasons why we want to be part of this synergy, in the hope of contributing to the spread of positive values.

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