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Bertolani Costruzioni supports the rugby values

Rugby is the team sport that best summarizes the values we believe in. In rugby there is a role for everyone, high and low athletes, slow and fast athletes, heavy and light athletes, but above all loyal athletes, where individual talent is always at the service of the team. Rugby is a sport of advancement, of territorial conquest to be pursued with rigour and refined technique. Rugby players are tough and tough, but not violent. Rugby players respect their teammates, their opponents and above all the rules. In rugby, the best team always wins.
sport dna

Bertolani Costruzioni and Rugby Viadana 1970

Rugby Viadana 1970 is primarily an academy of rugby. The main team that plays the TOP12 championship, the highest national category, is followed by the entire youth sector, a true heritage of our territory. Having the awareness that a sports club welcomes, directs and grows all the kids who want to share this incredible experience in our territory, is exciting and in the same way reassuring. This is why we want to be part of this synergy, in the hope of contributing to the dissemination of positive values.

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