3D modeling

The construction creation to date is not possible without the presence of a basic model representative of every component and detail of the construction that can be replicated in 3D thanks to the innovative BIM system. The 3D model of the constructions allows to make the design image physically observable in three dimensions. The 3D models created for a single construction can be numerous so as to be able to observe every detail in 3D and therefore also have a more truthful vision of the possible problems encountered in the application of the project in three dimensions. The practical realization of the designer's imagination, thanks to the 3D models, also makes the offer that the company Bertolani Costruzioni makes to its customers even better, allowing them to observe the final outcome of the three-dimensional realization as a model. BIM, 3D models, control and safety cards are elements that characterize the activity of companies that deal with latest generation construction solutions.

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Construction lab: 3D modeling

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