building information modeling

Bertolani construction also offers innovative solutions in the modeling phase of construction projects, using BIM or Building Information Modeling. The BIM approach offers a digital 3D representation of the construction, thus offering a model as a starting point for the design of the construction solution, on which to constitute the information to be provided to the customer who requires the building solution. The use of Building Information Modeling supports the renowned innovative notoriety that characterizes the company Bertolani Costruzioni allowing its customers to observe in 3D projection the construction project of their own construction. The BIM represents in the projection the physical and functional characteristics of a building and within the Building Information Modeling it is also possible to consult technical, maintenance and safety data sheets in the construction project under construction. This BIM approach supports construction companies at all stages of the production process, pre-, during and post-construction, having digital tools that allow them to make and save copies of the projects in the BIM system. - Internet Partner
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