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Riccardo Rossi - Marketing Manager Sto
In a project like this, the advantage of being involved at realisation stage, or even during design, allows us to identify the best technological options in order to meet not only the architectonical result developed by designers and awaited by the client, but also thermal performances representing nowadays the base for environmental comfort.
Three different technologies co-exist in this same project: ventilated façade with ceramic finishing, an external rock wool thermal insulation system placed by the wooden structure of the building, as well as a third system using synthetised PS placed on concrete in an area touched by ground.
These three much different systems together allow to meet a homogeneous environmental comfort, despite the structure initially tested was very different.

Alberto Costi - Founder Iter Progetti
Since the beginning Iter Progetti has been involved in this project by their design team and associated in order to participate in the executive designing of insulation systems and of energetic efficiency, as well as in the design of construction systems. Together with designers we wanted to highlight this project by suggesting to the Client to obtain CasaClima certification.
This project was finally granted the certificate CasaClima A, boasting an yearly consumption of only 13kW per sqm covered by reusable energy sources like geothermal probes or photovoltaic panels.

Alessandro Bertolani – Founder & CEO Bertolani Costruzioni
Villa Cappucchiera dates back at the beginning of the 1980s. It has been completely torn down and newly rebuilt by maintaining the same original volumes – obviously the Concept was completely different. In order to meet the current project, as stated, we were engaged with all external coating – a combination of systems alternating massive traditional façade insulation techniques with a ventilated façade and ceramic coating. Therefore, the main objective - in accordance with designing - was indeed to create the obtained combination of systems guaranteeing façade uniformity and above all performance.
As the building is exposed to any climate condition 365 day a year, we needed to obtain the most favourable maintenance plan in order to reduce maintenance costs. The project was completed in 2017, and the building can boast a considerable performance result in terms of colour shades, façade cleaning and durability of details – and they are not a few.
When we participate in projects like this, let’s say nonstandard building projects, we touch intimates choices and ideas each family takes for the place they will call home. Well, I would particularly stress this relationship, this connection we end up creating with private clients – no big asset companies – though people building their home following their imagination.
This family has its roots in the entrepreneurial local society and still is a main actor in the ceramic industry of Modena region – Sassuolo and Fiorano district. These are people who grew up knowing that good techniques make the difference and obviously applied the same credo to the realisation of their home.

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