Who we are

Bertolani Costruzioni

Bertolani Costruzioni is a company consisting of divisions specialised in advanced construction sectors. The choice to study only a few topics in depth, allows to maximize the technical and application training of the people who work in this company, obtaining high professional profiles.

The Company History

The company was founded in 1996 at the same time as the establishment of the sole proprietorship of B.A Contosoffitti by Alessandro Bertolani, based in Carbonara di Po in the province of Mantua. The main activity of the company is aimed at the construction of dry systems for the interior, with plasterboard elements.
The rapid evolution and the growing specialization of the technical staff, have allowed the company to expand and structure itself in a more organic way. For this reason, in 2012, B.A Controsoffitti was entirely transferred to the current company, changing the company name to Bertolani Costruzioni Srl.
As a result of the contribution, due solely to organisational reasons, Bertolani Costruzioni Srl maintains the experience and knowledge of the characteristic activities, using a corporate form and an organisation more appropriate to the structure and volumes expressed. Over the years, the company experiments with construction systems similar to dry systems, developing experiences that refine and outline the current company profile.
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