Cleaning of windows, facades and solar panels with drone technology

Until now the cleaning of windows and facades of skyscrapers has only been carried out by professional cleaning companies specializing in abseiling, elevators and for smaller buildings expensive scaffolding or the use of booms and/or other lifting equipment. It has been said that cleaning skyscraper windows is one of the six most dangerous professions. Additionally, due to the cost, these tasks are performed less frequently leaving windows dirty for longer periods of time.

With the innovation of Bertolani Costruzioni and KTV Working Drone, the use of drones eliminates the need for abseiling and lifts making it a safer, more efficient and economical solution compared to traditional methods.

  • Fast and effective up to 5-10 times faster than traditional methods.
  • Easier access to the most difficult to reach areas
  • Safer and more secure
  • No high-level equipment required for access to the facades
  • Cleaning solution without contact and abrasion of surfaces

Bertolani Costruzioni

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